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Farm (Deutsche Version)

Winegrowing has been important to our family for generations. Our family run viniculture encompasses about 9 ha of vineyards and 5 ha of agricultural cropland. We are able to offer you high quality and first class wines due to the enormous all year dedication of our family as well as the fertile soil and the Pannonian climate with little rain and many hours of sunshine. Pest control, vine management and soil cultivation are solely done following the guidelines of controlled-integrated viniculture. Measures to enhance quality already start in the vineyard and range from the used concept of vine pruning, irrigation to crop lifting and thinning out excessive vines.

Harvesting is still done by hand and the wines are afterwards mostly stored in wooden barrels. When bottled and labeled, we sell our wine either by yard sale, door-delivery or parcel delivery.

Our product assortment ranges from dry quality to smooth and sweet wine. Find out wine-list here.